Water outlet 230 250 292 Chevy Inline Six Cylinder custom aluminum upper and lower

Custom cast as cast then fine glass blasted

$ 139.79

194 230 250 292 Chevy L6 Custom Water Outlet


 194 230 250 292 Chevrolet Inline Six engines custom aluminum limited production thermostat water outlet.

OEM designed with 3/8 extra aluminum material added to head side for a no spacer needed installation. This helps for the added clearance needed for aftermarket valve covers to clear the front side. 

 Right side ½ NPT threaded for plug or heater hose fitting and a blocked prevision that can be drilled and tapped for accessories on the left side. Accepts OEM style gaskets.

On a few rare occasions stock 250 and 292 truck or industrial applications with larger than normal diameter water pump pulleys that are pressed to close inboard to the engine the pulley will slightly touch the water outlet.
7-1/4 diameter will have interference.
The very large diameter pulley is the issue.


 New water outlet comes with NPT plug and a 360* swivel upper thermostat housing.




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