Cam Shaft billet Steel Roller 250 / 292 Chevy Inline 6


$ 425.00

 This steel billet mechanical solid roller Crane Cam shaft was built using the small base core to help clear large body 292 inline Chevy Six connecting rods.

The fuel pump eccentric was never used and is still there in the 292 center position. To use in a low deck 250 engine an electric fuel pump must be used. The distributor gear is perfect. Front is drilled and tapped for Cam gear retainer.

 We have tested and used many Billet Steel Roller Cams smaller and larger than this one and we would not all consider this a good street able Cam Shaft at all. It is a competition type grind and will require special matching components such as increased compression ratio, multiple carburetors, head work, stick shift transmission, or very loose torque converter to operate correctly.

 Please view the Cam shaft grind report for spec details

 Cam Techniques Grind #R288/444-10                            Intake Lift 0.777

Lobe Separation 110                                                       Exhaust Lift 0.777

Intake Lobe Lift 444                                                  Intake Duration 288*

Exhaust Lobe Lift 444                                              Exhaust Duration 288*

Degree Intake lobe to 106* C/L = 4* Advance               Lash I.024-E.026

                                      Valve Timing at .050 cam lift

Intake opens @ 38* BTDC                                        Closes @ 70* ABDC

Exhaust opens @ 74* BBDC                                     Closes @ 34* ATDC

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