LUMP PORT KIT MAX Flow T6G2 250 / 292 Chevrolet Inline Six cylinder.

T6G2 High Flow original NOT THE COPY

$ 89.50

230 250 292 Chevrolet Inline Six "T-6 Racing"IntakeLumpPort, Max Flow Port Insert Kit


With over thirty years of constant flow bench development testing, designing and real time street & strip testing. We are proud to introduce the T-6 RacingMaxFlowIntakeLumpPort Inserts. The "T6G2" Max Flow Intake plate is the NEW design that supersedes their very popular first design the High Flow Model.

T-6 Racing has tested every conceivable combination of ramp approach angle, ramp length, rear short turn height, short turns radius angle and many other preparatory dimensions to develop the best profile for all enhanced Cam Shaft lift flow.

T-6 Racing has a US Patent Pending!


Also another VIP discovery applied; The bolt in the center of the bolt in lump splits and directs the air flow. When flow bench tested when you cover the bolt the flow drops off. So will the performance. This is has been tested over and over for many years with the same results. The early pioneers knew that hiding the bolt was a mistake.


Flow Bench Tested Race Track Proven.


Be an informed consumer and do not be swayed by all the unfortunate, un-backed up claims about a bolt in Lump.


High Performance and High Quality is our main concern not cheap parts.


Mr.hotrod6 Motorsports has selected to be a direct dealer for the T-6 Racing Intake LumpPort kits due to their proven results, superior fit, flow, and finish. T6 Racing has taken the entire weld-in features and bolt-in ease of installation available and countless flow bench design and development hours on a SF-1020 Computer Super Flow bench to produce the finest bolt in kit available!


 T6 Racing is always the most recognized bolt in kit in countless

Record Setting Street
Machines and Competition Drag Cars.


 Mrhotrod6 Motorsports Is a division of “NO BS Drag Racing”


Mrhotrod6 Motorsports where high quality is the standard.

 You can always be assured you are buying a quality product

Otherwise we wouldn't be using them in our own engines


T6 Racing sample flow numbers


Sample head; All flow testing was done on same head, same port on same flow bench by same technician. 194 head 1.940 Intake valve 1.600 Exhaust valve. Numbers are for comparison of lump build changes made not to measure any type of flow boasting rights. This is just an average head with average head flow numbers.

Intake Lift port with T6G2 lump with head bolt in proper mounted position

.000        .0

.100    64.0

.200   133.6

.300 179.4

.400   218.0

.500   238.1

.600   251.1

.700   255.6

.800   256.8

Intake Lift port with bolt covered up not present in flow path to split and direct

.000        .0

.100    63.6

.200   130.1

.300   176.6

.400   217.2

.500   233.7

.600   243.8

.700   247.3

.800   248.7

Made in the USA and machined to fit your head with the least amount of install work. These fit better than all other brands ever out there. The kit Includes: 3 T6G2 Max FLOW Intake Lumps. 3 Special head bolts. 3 Bolts to hold Lumps in position. 3 Plugs to seal up the old head bolt hole.And complete instructions.

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